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Our certifications



APSAD & NF SERVICE certification

The joint APSAD and NF Service certifications ensure the quality of each step of our service.

It is a voluntary step on our part and it is for you a guarantee of reliability of your installation and the assurance of rigorous controls on our part. 


Fire extinguisher installation and maintenance service

regulation I4-NF 285 - Co-certifying bodies :

CNPP Cert. (www.cnpp.com) and AFNOR Certification (www.marque-nf.com)




SCBA Distributor - SCBAs


Fenzy brand SCBA approved maintenance centre.

Centre for periodic inspection and periodic requalification of breathing air cylinders

Breathing air cylinder refill centre for SCBAs up to 300 bar.

Our technicians are qualified and trained regularly.




Test centre under the control of APAVE and BUREAU VERITAS

Centre for the periodic requalification of breathing air cylinders and gas cylinders Fixed Installations.



Accreditation Vocational training

Under approval.


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