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Protection Incendie Cornouaille (P.I.C.)

a recognised know-how "between land and sea"

In 25 years of experience, PIC has become a trusted partner to 1500 customers in the fire safety field on board ships and land professionals.



Dominique Le Lay is the head of the company since November 2010. With 10 years of experience in the Marine fire safety, he continues the momentum initiated by Charles Bassetsince 1986.


Our oldest know-how is that of the Navy. Our working methods have been strongly inspired by the occupational requirement of the Marine environment which has allowed us to be recognized in South Brittany and for international projects (Vietnam, Nigeria and Seychelles).

The partner Stéphanie Basset, has deployed this expertise since 1995 with industries, companies, businesses, campsites, enterprises ressource planning, local authorities, building trustees and associations with rigorous and certified processes.


The entire team strives to give the best of its experience to respond to requests from Brittany, France and international shipyards.